The Center for Reproducible Biomedical Modeling invites you to participate in a monthly online cell modeling seminar beginning Tuesday, January 14.

Multi-scale models require the representation and integration of a diverse list of biological processes (e.g. RNA expression, protein signaling, metabolism, cell growth, etc.) and modeling each process contains its own unique challenges.

Each month we focus on a particular process and discuss its A) experimental, computational, and mathematical challenges to modeling B) current state of the art, and C) future directions.

In the past, we organized a successful series from October-April this past year and have run a workshop series over the summer.

We are looking for students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty who value collaborative problem solving and are interested in learning about the most recent developments modeling

Seminar Details

Days: Second Tuesday of each month, starting January 14th.

Time: 12 pm EST.

Location: Online Zoom webinar. Please use this link for all seminars.

Format: 20 minutes presentation #1, 20s minute presentation #2, 30 minutes discussion

Archive: Past seminars will be available at YouTube.

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